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Syria War Latest News January 2020

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>> The Syrian government has shut borders and forbidden movement between provinces among measures to curb the spread.
>> At least 18 civilians are reported to have died in air strikes that hit a market and an industrial zone in the Syrian rebel-held city of Idlib.A monitoring group said Russian and Syrian government planes carried out the attacks.............
>>Syria says missiles fired from Israeli-held territory at Damascus............
Syria is calling on the United Nations Security Council to hold an urgent meeting on the US decision to recognise the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.......................
As Syria’s war enters what could be its last and most dangerous stretch, the Syrian government and its allies will have to contend for the first time with the presence of foreign troops in the quest to bring the rest of the country back under President Bashar al-Assad’s control.

The UN Security Council is struggling to agree a resolution seeking a ceasefire in Syria and has put back a vote until Saturday.
The vote has already been delayed several times since Thursday.
Russia wanted changes to a draft that calls for a 30-day calm to allow for aid deliveries and medical evacuations.
A group that monitors the war in Syria said Tuesday it has “confirmed information” about the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, citing information received from the militants in eastern Syria.
 Baghdadi’s death has been rumored numerous times in the past, and it was not immediately possible to independently verify the claim. There also were no immediate announcements from the Islamic State’s news channels.
The U.S. Central Command said in a statement: “We cannot confirm this report, but hope it is true.”
“We strongly advise ISIS to implement a strong line of succession. It will be needed,” the statement said, using an acronym for the Islamic State..................
The evacuation and transfer of thousands of Syrians from four besieged areas resumed on Wednesday, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The reciprocal evacuations from the two pro-government villages of Foua and Kefraya and the two opposition-held towns of Zabadani and Madaya was disrupted by a bombing on Saturday that killed more than 120 people.
A large convoy of buses from Foua and Kefraya reached the edge of the rebel-held transit point of Rashidin outside the city of Aleppo.
"The process has resumed with 3,000 people leaving Foua and Kefraya at dawn and nearly 300 leaving Zabadani and two other rebel-held areas," the head of the Syrian Observatory, Rami Abdel Rahman, told the AFP news agency.

Half will come from towns blockaded by pro-government forces, and half from towns blocked off by rebels. Almost half a million people live under siege in Syria, the UN estimates. Peace talks that began a week ago in Geneva have hit difficulties and it is not clear whether a partial truce that has lasted seven weeks so far will hold. Russia said on Thursday (04.02.2016) it had serious grounds to suspect Turkey was preparing a military incursion in Syria as a Syrian army source said the city of Aleppo would soon be encircled by government forces that are advancing with Russian air support. Turkey, which has backed the Syrian rebellion, meanwhile called for the United States to take a more decisive stance against Russia over its intervention in Syria, and said there was no point to peace talks while Russia carried out attacks. The United Nations on Wednesday suspended the 1st peace talks in two years, halting an effort that seemed doomed from the start as the war raged unabated on the ground and government forces severed a major rebel supply route into strategically-important Aleppo, Syria's biggest city before the war began. The refugee crisis created by the five-year-long war moved back into focus as donors convened in London on Thursday, with countries pledging billions of dollars in aid to help the victims of a conflict that has forced millions from their homes.
Turkey said at the conference up to 70,000 refugees from Aleppo were moving toward the border due to air strikes. Rebels meanwhile said they hoped the failure of peace talks would encourage their foreign sponsors to send them better weapons.
04 months of Russian air strikes have tipped the momentum Assad's way after rebel advances earlier in 2015 that posed a growing threat to his control of crucial areas of western Syria.
With the help of Russian air power and allies including Lebanon's Hezbollah and Iranian fighters on the ground, the Syrian army is regaining areas on key fronts in the west, where Syria's most important cities are located.
But swathes of the country are in the hands of armed rebels, including Islamic State in the east, Kurdish militia in the north, and a mosaic of groups in the west who have been the target of many of the Russian air strikes.
Any Turkish incursion would be a major escalation in a war that has already drawn in neighboring, regional and international governments, and would risk direct confrontation between Russia and a NATO member.
Russia's defense ministry said it had registered "a growing number of signs of hidden preparation of the Turkish Armed Forces for active actions on the territory of Syria". There was no immediate comment from Turkey.
China, Iran Joins Russian in Syria War Sending Troops
As per news heard the Russian Senator Igor Morozov, Beijing going to take decision to take part in combating IS and sent its vessels to the Syrian coast Later on Iran may also joins.........
Two shells hit Russia embassy compound in Damascus capital of Syria on 13 October 2015.  Russia has carried out a series of deadly airstrikes against the terrorist group from last few days and Vladimir Putin has now sent the country's most elite special forces to team up enter in the war zone. And speculation is heightening that offensive will be bolstered by the China's People's Liberation Army, following a number of reports of military movements in the region backed up by strong words from a senior government member at a United Nations meeting.
Reports emanating from the Middle East last week said China was planning on joining the fight against ISIS "in the coming weeks", according to a Syrian army official.
While Beijing insists it will abide by the United Nations (UN) in the region, hints of an action were backed up when it spoke strongly about a coordinated response to the rising terrorist threat.
Latest Updates: BEIRUT – The Syrian regime has appointed yet another former high-ranking security official to a political post in the majority-Druze populated Suweida province, where a number of movements have sprung of challenging government authority. The United States and its allies conducted 15 air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq & Syria on Monday (02.11.2015). Bashar Al Assad flies to Moscow to thanks Putin on 21.10.2015.  USA signed MOU with Russia on air safety over syria.  Earlier United States has sent 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups trying to topple Assad and four decades of his family's rule. United States (US)- Russia resume talks on safety of air crafts againist Islamic State.  Under new policy of USA would provide equipment packages and weapons to select group of vetted leaders & their units to fight against ISIS.  Earlier Islamic State advances towards Syria's City of Aleppo despite Russian air and sea campaign and Iran's elite revolutionary guard corps said its general hossein hamedani has been killed late Thursday. Vladimir Putin has conscripted 150,000 new troops into the Russian army as the country unleashed a new wave of airstrikes in Syria to wipe out ISIS - while and Iran and Islamist group Hezbollah prepare for a major ground offensive. Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria over the last 10 days, backed by the country's Lebanese allies, Hezbollah, and rebel fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan, two Lebanese sources claimed today…………
“And the 6th angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.”
The information is translated from the Russian news site Pravda: Igor Morozov, member of the Russian Federation Committee on International Affairs claimed about the beginning of the military operation by China against the IS terrorists. “It is known, that China has joined our military operation in Syria, the Chinese cruiser has already entered the Mediterranean, aircraft carrier follows it,” Morozov said.
CHINA could be on the verge of teaming up with Russia to unleash its military might in Syria and destroy Islamic State (ISIS)……………..
According to him, Iran may soon join the operation carried out by Russia against the IS terrorists, via Hezbollah. Thus, the Russian coalition in the region gains ground, and most reasonable step of the US would be to join it. Although the stance of Moscow and Washington on the ways of settlement of the Syrian conflict differs, nonetheless, low efficiency of the US coalition acts against terrorists is obvious. Islamists have just strengthened their positions.
China has also shown solidarity with Syria, joining Russia in vetoeing UN proposals against Bashar al-Assad, which are likely to prevent him being referred by the council to the International Criminal Court.
The latest actions at the UN conference have come amid reports, citing key military sources, Chinese warships have made their way to Syrian shores through the Suez Canal.
It was said China's J-15 warplanes would launch from an aircraft carrier for attacks on ISIS.

As Leonid Krutakov told Pravda.Ru in an interview, the most serious conflict is currently taking place namely between China and the US. Moscow may support any party, the expert believes, and that is what will change the world order for many years.
Since that time Iran’s participation has been 100% confirmed. Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force, has sent hundreds of ground soldiers into Syria in the past few days apparently in cooperation with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, said a senior Israeli security official Thursday.
Breitbart New has also confirmed reports of Chinese participation in the ongoing Russian war in Syria.
China has long maintained a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states but, as well as the threat to its own country from ISIS, the situation in Syria is impacting on the Asian state's economy.
That includes the China National Petroleum Corporation being forced to abandon its oilfields in Syria.
China also has oil fields in Iraq and would suffer heavily financially if these fell into the hands of ISIS..........

Looks like the “kings of the East” are waking up

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