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Watch Interview of an JEE Topper Question, Answers (Full)

Check JEE Topper interview Questions & Answers: We have summarize the interview of an JEE topper. This will surely help you in your preparation. Before starting your preparation go through the JEE MAIN 2023 syllabus, so you can have a basic idea of all topics. The jee main application form will start from Nov 2023. After clearing the jee main exam you will be able to give JEE Advanced 2023 exam, which will give you admission into top NIT and IIT. For more information of Jee Topper Interview regarding question, answers is given below..............................

Watch Interview Questions of an JEE Topper

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WE : Why did you choose Engineering stream? Why did you sit for these particular examinations?
Sushant : I choose Engineering Stream because i was intersted in maths and physics since my early days. My interest bloomed during my 9th and 10th. I sat for IIT-JEE because IIT is undoubtedly the best engg. institute in India and among the best in the world.

WE : (a) How much time does one require for serious preparation for this exam?
(b)      Any extra coaching?
(c)      Which subjects/topics were you strong/weak at?
Sushant : (a) I think 2 years are required for serious preparation and are more than sufficient to score a good rank.
(b)      I joined YES (Yukti Education Services) at Mumbai, which I continued in Pune. I joined Vidhyarthi Academy (Mumbai) for a crash course at the end of my screening test.
(c)      I am almost equally strong at all the subjects. But I was more interested and according to my opinion a little better at Physics and Maths.
WE : In your words what are the components of an ideal preparation plan?
Sushant : I think regular planned studies is the very first requirement.
WE : What role did the parents, teachers, school play in your success?
Sushant : I must admit that the family support I received was one of the greatest factors in my success.
WE : What is Your family background ?
Sushant : My dad has done B. Com. (Hons.) and is currently a freelance Financial Consultant. My mother has done B. Sc. (Hons.) and is currently working in Syndicate Bank.
WE : What do you feel is lacking in our education/examination system ? Is the examination system fair to the students ?
Sushant : Our education system still stresses a lot on reproducing a topic from your memory rather than understanding concepts. But I would say that our education is definitely improving. The competitive examination system I feel is fair enough.
WE : Which books did you follow for these exam ?
Sushant : I followed only the books that almost everyone follows. Apart from the three JPNP books, I followed :

Physics          -        Concepts in Physics (by Dr. H.C. Verma)
Problems in General Physics (by I.E. Irodov)
Mathematics   -        Problem primer for IIT-JEE (by A. Das Gupta)
Chemistry      -        Organic Chemistry (by Morrison & Boyd).

WE : Considering other hot careers today, for eg. Infotech, MCA, why do you still want to be an Engg.?
Sushant : I am as yet contemplating on choosing either computers or electronics.
WE : Was this your first attempt ?
Sushant : Yes, this is my first attempt.
WE : What do you think was the secret of your success?
Sushant : I don’t think there is any secret to success. I am sure anyone’s dedicated hard work pays.
WE : Had you not been selected then what would have been your future plan ?
Sushant : Had I not been selected, I had made my plans to take a drop year. I was confident enough to get through in at most two attempts.
WE : What advice would you like to give to our reader who are IIT/Engg. aspirants ?
Sushant : I would advise the students to understand and do very well whatever topic they do. For IIT-JEE, it is not absolutely necessary to finish the syllabus but it is definitely important to do the topics well.
WE : Is speed essence in tackling IIT-JEE ?
Sushant : At Least now I suppose speed is essential for tackling IIT-JEE.
WE : Any special preparation required for IIT-JEE ?
Sushant : Time management is an absolute must for IIT-JEE.
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