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Topic: Check Rally towards the rivers in India

Friends the Rivers in India: India essentially has grown along the banks of major rivers. But in the last few decades, due to the pressures of population and development, our perennial rivers are becoming seasonal. Survey suggest that by 2030 rivers in India will be having only 50 percent of water in it. To stop drying of rivers, lots of people, students from SGT university and other college students started a rally to create awareness about the upcoming situation.

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Rally towards the rivers in India

Rally will be covering lots of major and minor cities in India. Students from SGT university, viteee taking up viteee 2023 and other university students will be educating the people about the precaution needed to be taken to save the rivers in India. Many of the small rivers in India have vanished. The Ganga and Indus are two of the world’s most endangered rivers, according to WWF. Water level in almost every major river have declined severely.

With over a decade of experience in matters related to the environment and sustainability, SGT university offers a core solution to stabilize and revitalize our rivers. It involves creating and maintaining tree cover for a minimum of one kilometer on either side of the entire river length and half a kilometer for tributaries. Trees will be planted in the government owned land along river banks as well.

This solution ensures that the rivers are restored and helps in rivers perennial, mitigate floods and drought, increase precipitation, mitigate climate change and prevent soil erosion. Isha organization are playing a major role in bring this rally to life. Our wellbeing and the nation’s wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of our rivers. Rivers are the backbone for farmers. It’s each and every individual Indian’s responsibility to take part in the rally towards the river and protect the country from the occurrence of a disaster.


It is very serious situation in India related to rivers. Quick steps needed to be taken otherwise people face scarcity of water. Rally towards the rivers is the evolutionary event for the betterment of country upcoming generation. Large number of audience should take part in the rally and spread the awareness regarding the damage caused. Every citizen in the country should be responsible and are aware of the current circumstances and proper measure will be taken for the radiant future of our India. Situation of rivers in India is very serious.


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